Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life.. Love.. & Reality..

I have recently realized we as humans don't always know what is best for us.. We want something so bad, and when we are given the opportunity to have something close to what we want but not exactly what we want.. We tend to jump on it not thinking of anyone but ourselves.. Sometimes in certain situations we tend to over react about things... In my case, a relationship.. I was wanting to love and be loved soo bad that I didn't give it time to work it out for itself... I immediately jumped into it not thinking about anything other than myself.. Not my emotions but my outer appearance... I did really like the guy and felt like I was falling in love with him.. But something little happened.. I found some things out that are not that big of a deal.. I took them the wrong way.. I felt he was getting annoying and obsessive.. And then ended it instantly.. I didn't even think to try and work things out.. I don't know what I will be doing about the situation.. I would really love to talk to him about it and start over new and take things on a slower level.. He may be a bit odd.. And do some weird things.. And be annoying.. But he is truly a good guy.. One thing I am seriously thinking about is him and his feelings.. If I decide I really want to try and work things out with us, but later decide it isn't what I want.. i will just be hurting him again.. & there will be no more.. All in all.. We have to let love be.. Don't search for it.. Let it come to you.. That's what I have learned.. I do believe that in this case love came to me and I passed by it.. I didn't give love the chance it deserves.