Monday, May 24, 2010

My New Beginning :)

Today is my last day of smoking.. I don't plan on having another cigarette after the 5 I have left are gone tonight.. I am quitting for a few reasons.. My health, money, my boyfriend, tatiana, and my parents.. None of them need to worry about it anymore, because I am done with it.. Today was hard for me.. I'm in a depressed mood due to my parents & my actions.. I have been caught up in too much shit to handle.. Some things that I really wish I had are now not a possibility for a while, and I have officially fucked my life up for summer.. I now have a creepy ex, and a current boyfriend I reallly like, and hope things go far with him.. This weekend was great, we spent a lot of time together cuddling and it was amazing :) It's now time to turn my life around without cigarettes or drugs.. I'm done with them all and don't plan on getting back into that life.. It's my new beginning :)