Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today's a new day.. & Tomorrow's another.. They will get better!

Today was a new day for me. I have recently been talking to a friend of mine and found out he is gay about a week ago. I had a boyfriend at the time and just looked at him as a friend.. but i have come to the conclusion that he could possibly be more then a friend :) tomorrow he is coming over to tan with me and a few of my besties! AND.. He is bringing his spedo ;)... Talking to him has really helped me figure things out with my ex Ian & I.. I now realize that meeting guys off myspace is not the way to go unless we really get to know each other personally and hang out often and become friends.. I always say I think he could be the one for me for a while that will make me happy but they always end up falling through.. So with this one I am not going to say/think that I'm just going to be myself and we can be friends..

A few other things were brought to my attention today as well as over the past few days.. Life is a man vs man world and it truly is every man for them self. People you thought were friends will continue to talk shit, people you know are your true friends and will always be there for you will always have their secretes. At any given time any one of them can snap and a whole flame could be lit. Just be yourself, don't give a fuck what others think, but when your friends are hurt just be there for them.. Don't leave them hanging.. It's the worst thing you could do..