Monday, May 17, 2010

Heaven on earth?

Based on my weekend, I do believe that there is such thing as heaven on earth.. Friday night my boyfriend and I hung out with Tatiana - My sister, my mother, my best friend & my everything.. She is probably the only person who has really truly been there for my through my tough* times.. About a year ago, I came out to all of my friends and a lot of my family that I was gay.. She has been there for me every step of the way which led up to telling the biggest prick of all.. My father.. This weekend she drove to pick Ian up & even brought him home.. That night was such an amazing night.. I spent time with my cousin, my boyfriend, and my aunt & uncle.. Saturday afternoon Ian arrived at my house. Ian, Nicole and I swam, tanned and later that night had a few of my besties over for many games of beer pong.. After everyone left, my boi & I had the pleasure of cuddling to a movie before moving to my bed.. & waking up with each other this morning..

God gave us 2 things when he put us on this earth.. Life & Love.. We can live our life with love, or we can live it with hate - which wasn't a given gift.. I have also learned over this weekend that there are many closed minded people in this world and don't see past peoples appearances.. For example, yes I am gay - but that doesn't mean I want to be a girl.. That doesn't mean I am any different than a straight guy.. It just means I am sexually attracted to the same sex.. Who is out there to say who I can marry, love, or be with? I also believe these closed minded people should be shut into their own world.. I love to be surrounded by the accepting crowd not the judging crowd.. I'm 100% positive that there is not one person out there who can't relate to this post in some way or another.. You will and have always been judged on something whether it's the fact you have a little more of you to love, your sexuality, or even your style.. There will be someone there to judge... My thought on that is to judge yourself all you want but don't let others judge you..

*Ian Thomas Miles.. - <3
*Tatiana Marie Anderson.. - <3